Is it real? Online Jobs Without Investment

Online Jobs Without Investment

Online Jobs Without Investment

Did you know you could still get online jobs without investment? To start a profitable business, one of the most important things needed is capital. You need money to buy all the direct materials and other things needed for the business to succeed. However, the problem that most people face today is that they do not have the capital required, making them to be tied down to their boring 9-to-5 jobs.


Many Jobs Available on the Internet

As the internet makes it possible for millions of people to have contact with one another, it has become the largest marketplace in the world, making it possible for anybody interested to create all kinds of lucrative businesses. The problem that is still being faced is that an investment is still needed for most businesses, making some people to be discouraged getting in getting involved online. However, there are still some jobs which require no start-up cost.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant does much of the same things that an administrative assistant would do in an office and these tasks include sending and composing e-mails, reading e-mails from the employer and his clients, preparing business letters and slide presentations, answering phone calls over the computer via Skype and arranging a travel schedule when needed. The pay rate for a virtual assistant depends on the employer.

Freelance Writer

Not only is there not an investment required to do online freelance writing, but it is a good way to earn a passive income years after you wrote the article. For example, writers who published articles for Ehow and Yahoo Voices earn small amounts of money on the articles they wroteand there are other websites that offer passive income for freelance writers. If you want to specialize in a niche as a writer, seek out websites that are looking for writers who specialize in certain topics.

Computer Programming

Computer geeks who are tired of working for McComputer and Corporate will find their niche in starting an online computer programming business that allows them to set their own hours and get creative with new ideas unlike corporate giants such as the fictional McComputer and Corporate. Computer programmers often install new hardware and software, do IT consulting for businesses and assist in the building of websites for businesses.

Data Entry

The best way to find legitimate no-investment data entry jobs is through third-party freelance job websites because these websites link you to clients around the world who need data entry workers with a few years of work experience and strong technology skills. When you bid on projects on these websites, you do not want to bid too low or too high. Instead you should research the average price that online data entry workers charge per hour nationwide.

Online Tutoring

Locate a legitimate online tutoring website and apply for tutoring jobs that are available and cokayhoose the subjects that you are most qualified for. Some tutoring websites want applicants to fax copies of their high school diploma or college degree but this is okay as long as you are not asked to pay an upfront fee. In conclusion, it is possible to find a decent job without a required investment; it takes research and help from others.


Those are some of the online jobs without investment. Many people have had success through them, making thousands of dollars every month. Some hours per day are needed for the jobs, which should not be too difficult if you treat the job as a real business on which your life and that of your loved ones depends.

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